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Driving sustainability

Developing future forward and climate-friendly processes for the surface finishing industry.
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Driving a sustainable future

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of who we are. We have a responsibility to be a future-proofing catalyst and as an Element Solutions Inc company, we take pride in the recognition that the company has received for sustainable practices worldwide. 



Our sustainable excellence program and our CARE initiative are helping our clients and industry at large to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our people and planet for generations to come.  

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Sustainable excellence program

Environmental legislation will continue to impact the surface finishing industry. We are committed to creating the leading technologies that reduce our industry’s environmental footprint and align with our clients' sustainability initiatives.  

Asian female scientist taking notes in MacDermid Enthone China facility

The science of sustainability

We focus our R&D efforts on developing future-friendly solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability and regulatory goals. This includes a focus on zero water loss, waste metal recycling, and processes that reduce energy consumption for ourselves and our supply chain partners.  

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Social impact

We believe that the success of our business is fundamentally connected to the well-being of our people. This drives our safety-first culture and commitment to health & safety across our global operations. It also fuels our commitment to building a culture of empathy and diversity in the workplace.  

A volunteer and a child high-fiving each other

Corporate citizenship

Giving back to our communities is central to our business purpose. This is reflected in our company value of “Care,” one of the 5Cs of our culture, which promotes caring, not just about our own people, but also our communities and our place in the world at large.  

a person walking trough a solar panel farm at dusk

Sustainable business practices and certifications

We are committed to developing a diverse supply chain that contributes to driving sustainable and successful business practices. Our facilities seek quality system certifications or accreditations as the need or opportunity arises. Explore our full list of certifications on the Element Solutions Inc website. 

Sustainability report

Annual sustainability report

As an Element Solutions Inc company, we understand that driving profitability for our business and ours customers includes a commitment to sustainable practices. We set long-term sustainability goals to improve our impact on the environment and the quality of our company and report on progress annually. 

5 MacDermid Enthone employees in a customer facility

Are you involved in reviewing the sustainability goals of your supply chain? Need more information about best practice sustainable development processes for surface finishing? Contact us to find out how our sustainable excellence program and CARE initiative can help you reach your goals.

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