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Electric Vehicles

Surface finishing solutions that drive performance

Innovation and electrification

From enhancing wear resistance and corrosion protection to improving thermal management and optimizing charging performance, our surface finishing solutions are proven to drive performance. Trusted by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, we are partnering with clients to optimize electric vehicle performance and appearance. 

closeup of a ev car motor

Thermal Management

Controlling the thermal energy created by semiconductor power devices is critical within EV assemblies. Copper and aluminum heat sinks transfer this thermal energy and must allow for soldering and sintering while withstanding contact with glycol coolants. Our industry-leading electroless nickel technology enables uniform metal distribution, making it an excellent choice for plating complex geometries and creating a barrier coating on all sides of the heat sink. 

3D render of an EV vehicle, focusing the the battery casing

Battery Cases

Battery cases are most commonly made of aluminum or steel.  We have chemistry to meet every need on the interior and exterior surfaces of the case. Our finishing processes deliver optimized surface conditioning, industry-leading corrosion protection, adhesion for coatings, and unmatched uniformity, all at reduced operational costs. 

electric vehicle charging


EV connectors require low electrical resistance and durability to enable efficient charging for the life of a vehicle. With a solutions portfolio that includes both electroless nickel coating for copper and aluminum and silver and tin plating for low electrical resistance, we offer unmatched durability and functionality for connectors and interconnect components. 

closeup of a black anodized caliper

Safety Critical Components

Specified by leading OEMs and Tier 1s, our solutions for safety-critical components, including braking systems and fasteners, are designed to deliver unrivaled consistency and the lowest cost of ownership. With an array of finishing solutions for calipers, pistons, aluminum surfaces, and steel fasteners, our solutions are designed to mitigate risk and maximize performance throughout the life of a vehicle. 

closeup of a busbar installation


Copper and aluminum EV components require enhanced durability and electrical resistance. Our tin and silver plating solutions deliver excellent solderability and protection for copper busbars, while electroless plating using NiKlad and ENOVA EN provides uniform coating with the highest productivity. 

Battery pack in EV electronic car

EMI Shielding

As the material of choice for shielding applications, engineered plastics need surface protection to avoid the penetration of electromagnetic waves. Our metal plating solutions deliver this protection while also meeting weight, mechanical, and shielding requirements. With a variety of multi-layer stack and etching options available, our solutions can be customized to meet any unique shielding requirement. 

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