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Automotive fasteners

Our comprehensive range of anti-corrosion coatings is specified and approved by leading OEMs, delivering unmatched durability, reliability, and aesthetic on interior and exterior fasteners.
closeup of a car wheel disk with visible fasteners

Unmatched corrosion protection

The automotive industry uses zinc and zinc alloys to provide cost-effective, high performance coating, with minimal change in dimensional tolerances. Together with trivalent chromium passivates and sealers, zinc-based systems offer excellent corrosion resistance for all steel fasteners.

friction control bench

Continuous innovation

The dynamic technical progress of the last 20 years has led to a higher quality requirement for the surface coating of connecting elements. The trends include weight reduction, improved corrosion protection, and new material combinations. This has resulted in harder materials, higher thermal load, and more sophisticated control of the friction values, which can be tested with more advanced analytical methods. In parallel, demand for durable and long-lasting decorative finishes is increasing.

powertrain closeup with crucial fasteners

Powertrain fasteners

Fastening elements on engine components need to provide excellent performance and durability along with other key attributes. With applications stretching from ICE uses requiring high heat resistance, to EV-specific fasteners with elevated cleanliness requirements and consistent fastening results on fine-pitched threads, MacDermid Enthone fastener finishing solutions reliably meet even the most stringent specifications. 

closeup of a door hinge

Exterior fasteners

Exterior coated fasteners are typically found on the chassis areas and on the high visibility body trim, where the highest level of resistance is required. Prolonged exposure to outside elements and road de-icing chemicals, including sodium chloride, increases the chance of white and red corrosion on exterior fasteners. Maintaining aesthetic appeal is important to meet both end-user demands and product compliance, due to the prominent position of exterior coated fasteners. To mitigate this risk of corrosion, the industry's go-to choice for silver finishing is ZinKlad™ 1000.

Electrically conducting joints

Grounding and conducting components

As the number of electrical components continues to grow in a vehicle, the importance of reliably maintaining electrical conductivity is critical for coated fasteners. For these applications, ZinKlad 1000 zinc-nickel finishes or ZinKlad™ 750 tin-zinc finishes are the leading solutions passing GMW 3200 and other requirements for consistent low contact resistance in grounding applications. These finishes deliver high corrosion protection for enduring performance and conductivity.

black passivated interior fasteners

Interior fasteners

Aesthetic appeal and corrosion protection are essential for interior-coated fasteners. For components such as small screws in the dashboard, a sacrificial fastener coating can be an effective solution, delivering both a decorative finish and an adhesive base for paint coatings.

closeup of an aluminum wheel

Safety critical fasteners

Component systems, such as wheels, safety restraints, steering, suspension, and brake fasteners all require safety-critical coated fasteners that minimize risk and ensure consistent performance. Free of hydrogen embrittlement according to ASTM B695, ZinKlad™ 250 M is the application of choice for unmatched reliability and performance.

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