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Furthering our commitment to quality with six new ZinKlad® applicators

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MacDermid Enthone, a leading manufacturer of chemical compounds utilized in surface finishing applications, welcomed six new applicators to their global ZinKlad® Quality Performance System program. The ZinKlad program is comprised of global applicators that follow an audited plating process,  delivering the highest product performance and consistency. The program enables automotive engineers to specify stringent quality standards for their anti-corrosion finishes while mitigating risk. Applicators must pass rigorous testing requirements to be certified and are audited on an ongoing basis to ensure their processes and performance standards remain in compliance. 

Throughout the past six months, six global companies have joined this elite group of approved applicators. These applicators include:

  • Bulten is a multi-national company, headquartered in Poland, with locations spanning seven countries and three continents. They are the largest global provider of high-quality fasteners, delivering products to the automotive and home electronics markets. Their recent achievement of ZinKlad 250 certification further establishes them as an industry-leading partner, and reinforces their commitment to quality.
  •  Wolverine Plating Company in Detroit, MI has partnered with MacDermid Enthone for over 20 years to deliver high-quality anti-corrosion finishes. The team services the automotive, heavy truck, electric vehicle, construction, defense, industrial, and appliance industries, and they are thrilled to be approved as ZinKlad 1000 and ZinKlad 1000B.
  • JingFong Industry Co. was established in 1980 as Taiwan’s first lock nut factory. With over 40 years of experience in safety fasteners, JingFong provides products to car manufacturers within the European and American markets. Their commitment to reliability and quality, and strong local partnership with the MacDermid Enthone sales and support teams, set them up well to achieve ZinKlad 1000, ZinKlad 1000B, and ZinKlad 1000B-HG certifications.
  • Inelca, S.L.U is located in Barcelona Spain, and was recently approved as ZinKlad 250. Inelca is a family-owned business specializing in anti-corrosion finishes across a broad range of markets including automotive, construction, and renewable energy. The addition of ZinKlad 250 extends their range of certifications and further showcases their industry-leading plating capabilities.
  • SSI Surface Technology Co in Thailand has been delivering high-quality anti-corrosion finishes to the automotive industry since 1983. Their zinc and zinc nickel barrels are constantly running to meet customer demands for fasteners, nuts, and other metal parts. They have been a MacDermid Enthone customer for over a decade, and we are happy to share their recent achievement of ZinKlad 1000 and ZinKlad 1000B.
  • EJOT ATF, located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, is committed to delivering industry-leading technology and solutions to its customers. As a vertically integrated supplier of zinc alloy plated fasteners, their in-house processes include cold forming, thread rolling, and heat treatment. They were recently certified as ZinKlad 1000 and ZinKlad 1000B, enabling them to support their customers across North America with the highest quality fasteners.

“I am thrilled to add these industry-leading organizations to the list of ZinKlad-approved applicators. Their commitment to quality and service was highlighted in their certification assessments, and we look forward to watching their businesses thrive. The ZinKlad program delivers best-in-class plating to OEMs around the world, mitigating risk and improving plating quality. With new applicators spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, I am happy to see ZinKlad’s global and local presence continue to grow. Thank you to our valued partners, and to the MacDermid Enthone team, for their continuous commitment to the ZinKlad program.” -  Dirk Wiethoelter, Global Quality Program System & Ancillary Equipment Director.

For a full list of ZinKlad approved applicators and approval levels, visit the ZinKlad Quality Systems page on