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Reduced Ion Electroless Nickel



ENOVA RI 8111 is a high phosphorus alloy system representing an advanced generation of electroless nickel development. It incorporates innovative “additive” chemistry into a low ionic strength formulation. 


ENOVA RI 8111 is designed to deliver a high deposition rate while providing excellent solution stability over the solution life of the system. It can be applied on all types of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates including brass, copper, and aluminum without the requirement for an additional costly EN strike chemistry. 

Operational advantage

ENOVA RI 8111 provides improved capability in meeting new requirements for nickel air emission and wastewater regulations, achieving reductions of up to 50% for both demands.

Electroless Nickel Treated Part

Features & Benefits

  • Low deposit porosity
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low internal stress deposit
  • Reduced staining tendency
  • Consistent deposit brightness over solution life
  • Lower operating costs compared to conventional EN systems
  • Exceeds demands for environmental regulations
  • Rack or barrel processing capability
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We are committed to developing sustainable processes for the surface finishing industry. Our low metal electroless nickel portfolio, including ENOVA RI 8111, delivers significant nickel reduction in post-plate rinses, reducing air emissions from the plating solution, and improving safety and efficiency while reducing waste.

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