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Hard Chrome



ANKOR DYNE 30 MS is a foamless, PFOS replacement surfactant developed to overcome harmful airborne emissions from hexavalent chromium processes. It enables maintenance of the surface tension of the process solution at 30 Dynes/cm, which is lower than current conventional mist suppressants and leads to virtually no mist during production.

Operational advantage

Being foamless, ANKOR DYNE 30 MS minimizes the risk of hydrogen gas explosions and provides a safe alternative to equipment-based mist mitigation strategies.

Cost effectiveness

ANKOR DYNE 30 MS eliminates the need for expensive equipment, reducing drag out and the consumption of process solutions, and minimizing maintenance costs. 


ANKOR DYNE 30 MS is compliant with the Stockholm Convention which dictates the elimination of the production and use of PFOS worldwide. Additionally, it is compliant with Entry #68 under REACH ANNEX XVII.

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Features & Benefits

  • Leading PFOS replacement chrome surfactant
  • Foam-free operation, allowing evaporation to minimize the need for cooling
  • Reduces drag out and consumption
  • Maintains low surface tension to meet regulations
  • Minimizes airborne emission. Exposure study available
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At MacDermid Enthone, safety and sustainability are at the heart of innovation. With a comprehensive portfolio of PFOS-free solutions, including ANKOR DYNE 30 MS , we are proud to deliver future-focused surface finishing solutions to customers worldwide. 

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