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Hard Chrome

ANKOR Hydraulics

ANKOR Hydraulics

ANKOR Hydraulics is a rapid plating process that combines a low cost of operation with superior corrosion-resistant hard chrome deposits, meeting the ever-evolving needs of the hydraulic industry. The process is recommended for hoist lines, continuous horizontal lines, as well as manually operated vertical tanks.

Operational advantage

ANKOR Hydraulics utilizes a unique foamless surfactant minimizing emission and drag out. Reverse etching can be minimized without causing adhesion issues, resulting in slow metal impurity build up and long solution life. 


ANKOR Hydraulics provides a minimum 5% productivity gain based on its superior metal distribution compared to other modern processes, resulting in impressive cost savings for the applicator. 

Deposit properties

Delivering superior corrosion protection based on the elimination of micro-porosity and surface nodules as well as high crack count deposits, even with a high current density. 

Crack density

The deposit meets crack density specifications of 400 cracks/cm as-plated, and >800 cracks/cm after machining.

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Features & Benefits

  • Bright, hard, smooth, micro-cracked deposit
  • Superior productivity and corrosion resistance
  • Extremely uniform metal distribution
  • Simple operation and chrome-on-chrome adhesion
  • Resistant to current interruptions
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We're proud to champion sustainable solutions within the surface finishing industry, and ANKOR Hydraulics stands out as a great example. It showcases a remarkable boost in productivity, primarily achieved through significant over-plate reduction, resulting in a substantial reduction in production time. This delivers an efficient and environmentally conscious process, marked by reduced chemistry and electricity consumption, minimized emissions and waste, and a marked decrease in the overall CO2 footprint.

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